Sunday, November 7, 2010

Poems: Shed a Tear

Shed a tear,
Knowing all you’ll ever do is live life in fear
Here’s a story that should send chills down your spine
It could be about anyone, but we’ll say it happened to a friend of a friend of mine
With that, I submit this for the approval of all society 
I warn you now this story isn’t garden variety
No one can fully understand the torment or torture of the human mind
Peer behind the curtain and you might be scared of what you find
This one’s about a girl who was looking for support 
But instead she pushed the panic button and decided to abort 
She had beautiful brown eyes and olive skin
No one could ever suspect she was troubled with life’s greatest sin 
She purposely wanted to leave the parachute unpacked 
Looking for everything in the next life that this one lacked 
But, unfortunately this is a decision she can never take back.
She tried taking every pill she had
She was foiled by thinking of the tears of her dad
This is a girl whose life you thought was filled with happiness and bliss 
But the reality is this
She’s had thoughts of heading for a knife to cut up those wrists
In doing so, she’ll never get to go to prom
Never again will she see the face of her mom
She’ll never get to feel true loves first kiss 
But she doesn’t care cause she feels as though she’ll never be missed
Questions remain, if we had just taken the time and spent an extra minute or 2 
Would she have shown us her heart was really black and blue
If only she was advised to put the thought of her actions to words
Unfortunately her voice was never heard
Some would say those actions are cowardly
Or maybe they’re too blind to see
Through all the negativity
You can still get lost in a world of self pity 
Tired of thinking of herself as the worst
This might be her way of coming in first
A smile might grow on ones face
Thinking they’d finally be done with this thing they called the human race
Is it any wonder that thinking of the world sends her into depression 
How could it not when it seems like we’re stuck in regression 
Seems the only way out is putting an end to all the various voices in her head 
Immaterial knowledge that society’s force fed
A description of perfection she never matched 
Is it any wonder she feels so detached 
She ponders the reality of what happens when you die 
She wonders and hopes maybe there really is an invisible man in the sky
She’s ready to take the plunge and find out or maybe she won’t 
All we know is she’s tired of following the do’s and don’ts
She writes a letter not knowing who’ll read it, saying ‘when you’re done this cruel ride
She’ll be waiting on the other side
Its better if you don’t understand
No matter how much she wishes you can’
Her parents always said, one day she’d make a killing
Who knew her life would be so unfulfilling  
Now we’ll never know 
As she stands on death’s row
Is she gonna pull the trigger
As she takes one last look in the mirror...
Shed a tear,
But not for her, do it for all those who live life in fear.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Hallow's Eve

So Imma lil' sue me, but this needed to be shared...

Now that's a smooth criminal. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MC Hammer's Got Nothin' On This:

I love the Punjabi Power Ranger look. For those that don't know, these are some serious 'Misheard Lyrics' right here, its a YouTube classic. If you got through that in one piece, I dare you to listen to this for 2 minutes and not be humming the tune in your head for the rest of the day.
I also dare you to pull out dance moves from either video at your next party.

Seriously think Justin Bieber, but if he was Punjabi. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poems: New Day

Everyday is turned around, it's become so hectic, 
The blocks of my life rearrange and disappear more than a game of Hexic,
Now all I hear are her screams inside my head,
She quite literally put this relationship to bed,
Seems like everyone is caught in the middle, 
This isn’t a joke but I can't help but trying to answer this riddle,
Why did she leave and do what she did, was it all my fault,
Regardless this relationship  has come to a halt,
It's a problem that feels as if it will never be solved,                           
Here I go out the door as she watches it revolve, 
Life will never be the same,
Everything I had, I gave, it was all hers to claim,
But if I was better,
Would I still be with her,
Having thrown it all away, 
It's impossible for me to look forward to tomorrow, today.
But when she took that final test,
She made a failure out of me, and now this story will forever be laid to rest, 
Despite it all I still wish her nothing but the best.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Not to be overly dramatic, but in a world where we're often reminded of everything we don't have and everything we are not, it's nice to give thanks and remember all the things we do have, like our family, friends, health, home, consistent supply of food and the abundance of everything else in our lives.
Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting It (Linked) In: Subscribe To This!


Really, 46 million views later and I just caught on now? Whatever. I blame pre-pubescent teens for my seemingly out of tune-ish pop culture references, their lack of attention span doesn't keep anyone in the spotlight for more than 15 seconds let along 15 minutes (hopefully they enjoy it while it lasts, that means you Justin Bieber). With that I bring you Fred. You wanna take a course or lesson in branding one-self, take it from this degenerate.  The former all time subscribed to and viewed channel on Youtube - now third - has done his best impression of Mark Zukerberg by taking the internet by storm and fucking over his cousins (at least they're family, they'll understand right?) along the way. Fred is supposed to be a 6 year old, with a dysfunctional home life and anger management problems. As I alluded to earlier, the channel Fred was initially started with his cousins as JKL Productions until they got popular, then Lucas Cruikshank, the 'actor' that plays Fred, bought the channel 'Fred' from YouTube and dumped his cousins. Now he's making appearances on iCarly, Hannah Montana, made his own album, and just today, released a straight to DVD movie that also aired on Nikelodeon. Yeah being a bit creepy and weird sure isn't as uncool as it used to be.

Holy Asian Kids, Batman!
TimothyDeLaGhetto2. Nigahiga. What do these random assemblages of pronouns, nouns and numbers have in common. Combined they have a staggering amount of hits/fans via YouTube. The most impressive thing about these 2 as far as I'm concerned, just happen to be not their insanely intense following of their movies, skits, and music parodies (noted here and here) but they're insanely hot bitches. De La Ghetto is apparently the most subscribed to 'rapper' with almost 6 hundred thousand subscribers, for reference, Justin Bieber's official Vevo account has 3 hundred thousand. He's now working on the first ever, first to YouTube movie. Highschool did suck. Also for the Twi-hards. And finally, in light of the Social Network hitting theatres, here's his take on FB.
Nigahiga on the other hand, is the most subscribed to channel ever, and while some of his stuff is funny, I don't see the huge appeal.  A whole bunch of his stuff revolved around making fun of songs but were removed due to copyright infringement. He doesn't appear to be doing as well as the other 2 I've mentioned but I respect that he's actually going to school for filmography and will look to do his thing professionally with actual, ya know...credentials and stuff. This is pretty much what he does and speaking of the Biebes, this sorta sums up what I think about him too.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remember Kids, Always Use Protection

Seriously, if you're a geek you already know this, but if you're not, its even more important. Protect your computers! (see what I did there?) This is the way, better men than I, would recommend you to do it.
You need to start right here. Some of this stuff sounds scary, like Anti-virus, firewalls, cookies, tracking cookies, but don't worry, this should get you through it.
Out of all that, this is what you need to know. And of course everything here is free of course.
1) You need an Anti-virus program. As in just 1! I recommend Avira AntiVir.
2) You need a Firewall. Specifically this one.
3) If you're going to be downloading anything here, get this. It cleans temporary files and cookies you don't need or use and can seriously free up memory. It's awesome. That's all you need to know.
4) Spybot - Search and Destroy and SpywareBlaster. As well as sounding like bad video games, they also are really meant to prevent spyware/malware and viruses. They can be found here and here.

Really everyone should be informed as to how to protect their computers even if you're just an average, or even below average user. You should use all the programs, ideally twice a month, if you're a below average user at least once, and if all you do is download crap then it doesn't hurt to run everything every week.

Safe Surfing Everyone.

Special thanks goes to Porky for the wicked awesome recommendations.